Feb 2018



A name of ancient Greek heritage – a name that embodies the ambitious, passionate woman of today.

Amalys watches are crafted to complete your perfect look, to complement your individual style and bring woman of today who brings ambition and drive to every area of her life. Amalys timepieces are a constant reminder to live life to the fullest – a pendulum that continually swings whilst memories are made and emotions are experienced. Our launch collection focuses exclusively on square watches – their cubic shape cut a clean silhouette, for a touch of modernity. Make no mistake – this is a collection made for modern women who aren’t afraid to They step out from the crowd. They #DareToBeSquare. your final touch of elegance. Yet while our pieces are designed by us, they are always inspired by you – the By combining the timeless and traditional with contemporary influences, we create designs that are clasically vintage, yet definitively modern. From the first design sketch to the moment each timepiece ends on your wrist, Amalys watches are set apart by a clear mark of quality and refinement. distinguish themselves with original style and refined wrist wear

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