Nov 2018

Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire

Dominated by a fashion in movement … Rock for appearance … His collection for tempo…  The Zadig and Voltaire watches become a Men and Women Must Have.

Timeless or seasonal, ready to wear whatever the time zone where to assert his style. One timing : the Live ! The life, the real one.

Colourful, plain or printed color. It’s iconic messages ticking the dials. Theirs bracelets for game of materials. Much more than an accessory, a tattooed “ZV” spirit from crowns to housings. Forever!

3 collections :

FUSION : Colors, prints, materials … This collection take its inspiration from the heart of Ready-to-wear silhouettes, season after season

TIMELESS : Skulls, butterflies, angels … The essential patterns for Zadig and Voltaire for chic and timeless dials

MASTER : Sporty and Chic… The perfect alchemy between appearance and technique.

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